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Key Features & Benefits of OxyShred:

  • New and improved formula
  • All-natural flavours and colours
  • May enhance fat burning
  • May enhance energy, mood and focus
  • May support wellness and immune health

Dedicated to their mission of never-ending and continuous improvement, the Research & Development team at EHP Labs have thoroughly researched a panel of new ingredients to maximise the benefits of OxyShred, while still keeping the fundamental ingredients that made the original formula a global sensation. Here’s what has been added to the new formula:

The new and improved OxyShred formula contains more potent and effective ingredients to increase your fat-burning capability, added nootropics for mood and focus, and the same immune-boosting and clean natural energy enhancing ingredients you loved about Oxyshred’s original formula. EHP Labs OxyShred contains a powerhouse patented thermogenic ingredient called Advantra Z, which also goes by the name Bitter Orange Fruit Extract. Advantra Z is a Beta 3 Adrenergic Amine, which simply means that it helps to stimulate your body’s fat-burning receptor cells and enhance natural energy, all without placing additional stress on the heart or increasing your heart rate. Additionally, Huperzine A has been added to the mix to help enhance focus, cognitive function, and mental clarity. The final new ingredient is Hydroxycitric Acid, which plays an important role in preventing additional carbs being used as fat storage.


(Nutritional information may vary slightly by flavour)

 OxyShred Nutritional Information


Take 1 scoop of Oxyshred upon waking on an empty stomach with 250-500mL of cold water for the morning kick and metabolism ignition. 15-20 minutes before you train, consume 1 scoop of Oxyshred with about 150-200mL of water for to increase your energy, mood & fat burning process.