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ATP Science's anti inflammatory product is revolutionary. A must try for aches and pains. Capzea (name from for two of the key ingredients: CAPsacian & KunZEA) are  two wickedly amazing & efficacious plants that are fantastic for topical application to reduce pain & modulate inflammation.

  • Reducing & Minimizing Growing Pains
  • Reduced Pain in (DOMS) and arthritis (Rheumatoid & Osteo)
  • Increases ROM (range of motion) by reducing muscle stiffness & tendon inflammation
  • Roll onto lower abdomen if experiencing cyclical period pain
  • Neuropathic Pain; nerve pain, sciatic pain, neck pain from working at a desk all day
  • Headache & Migraine analgesic relief 



Using the roll on applicator apply topically to the affected site of pain and inflammation as often as required. Allow the topical liniment to be absorbed by the skin.