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Prototype 8 is a formula from ATP Science designed to improve the appearance of your muscular or toned physique. Perfect for use before, during or after training, Prototype 8 may assist you to look your strongest, leanest and most defined.

Some of the benefits of Prototype 8 by ATP Science may include:

  • Better vasodilatation in the area applied
  • Increase blood flow
  • Decrease muscle soreness

Massaged directly into muscles, Prototype 8 achieves its maximum effect when the muscles are already warmed up. Increased blood flow and pump will maximize the effect of Prototype 8, so stack this product with your favourite pre workout for unbelievable results.




ATP Science recommends the following:

During training,after you warm up the target muscle group, apply Prototype 8 directly to the target muscle group prior to final sets designed to maximize the appearance of muscle pump and vascularization. Repeat the process for the next muscle group.

Post-workout; apply or re-apply after your workout.

Apply during a “pump up” prior to photoshoots or posing.